The Blue Bird 파랑새
Cho sunkyung 조선경
Book size          20cmX20cm
Binding             Hard-covered handmade
Printing             Offset printing
First edition       January 2011
Publishing         somebooks
book number    001
price                37,000원 <국내>
<30 euro + all of Europe will pay 24 euro for shipping= 54 euro>
Who I am and where I am from?
When we meet each other, is that a destiny?
10 years ago, after my mother went(passed) away,
questions about the relationship between mother and children have arisen in me.
What is the relationship?
How could we meet each other as a mother and a child?
Was that inevitable?
What brought me here?
I have been ashamed that all these questions aroused by the absence of my mother.
After I let her go, I could understand how the pig can let the blue bird go.
나는 누구이며 어디서 왔는가
우리의 만남은 운명인가
10년전 어머니를 먼저 보내고 나서
문득 어미와 자식의 관계에 대한 의문이 들었습니다.
이 모든 궁금증이 누군가의 부제로 환기 된다는 비굴.
같은 궁색을 반복하지 않았으면…
어머니 보내고 돼지가 파랑새 보내는 마음을 알게 되었습니다.

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