In the beginning 태초에
Cho sunkyung 조선경
Book size          15cm X 27cm
Binding             Hard-covered handmade
Printing             Offset printing
First edition       May 2012
Publishing         somebooks
book number    012
price                37,000원 <국내>
<30 euro + all of Europe will pay 24 euro for shipping= 54 euro>
In the beginning…….
Before the light, there was darkness and chaos.
In these days, what was human being.
Before the thinking, the body was appeared with it’s own language.
Human was like animal.
But today, are human being progressive?
태초에 빛 이전 어둠과 혼돈이 세상의 주인인 세상
사회화된 인간이 오기 전, 인간은 무엇이었나.
사상 이전 어둠 속에서 먼저 발생한 몸의 언어들,
관념을 밀어내고 동물의 의지가 세상을 지배한다.
인간은 오늘날 진보하였는가?

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