lalala 랄랄라
Cho sunkyung 조선경
Book size          20cmX20cm
Binding             Hard-covered handmade
Printing             Offset printing
First edition       January 2011
Publishing         somebooks
book number    002
price                37,000원 <국내>
<30 euro + all of Europe will pay 24 euro for shipping= 54 euro>
Questions have been always around me while I live in a warm land after I came by a cold wind.
Who am I? Where am I from?
All of a sudden the wind was blowing and it brought me an old memory.
What am I waiting for?
We are waiting for somebody far away.
Waiting for somebody who might come, I jump into the air to watch the way.
jump, jump, and jump.
My friends are frolicking following me jumping.
찬바람에 실려와 따뜻한 땅에 살면서 내내 떠나지 않는 생각.
나는 누구지?
나는 어디서 왔지?
문득 불어오는 바람으로 살아나는 먼 기억.
나는 무엇을 기다리지?
우리는 멀리있는 누군가를 기다립니다.
먼 하늘 올지모를 누군가를 기다리며 고개 빼고 높이 높이 뛰어본다.
또 뛰고…
친구들은 그저 놉니다.

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