A rabbit? 토끼?
Sungwon Kil 길성원
Book size         17cmX17cm
Binding             Hard-covered handmade
Printing             Offset printing
First edition       May 2013
Publishing         somebooks
book number    somebooks-016
price                 37,000원 <국내>
<30 euro + all of Europe will pay 24 euro for shipping= 54 euro>
A rabbits?
we are rabbits, but we are not looks like them.
you should think about me as a dog, a lion, a monkey.
even that way you should say that you look ugly, stupid, even look bad.
but whatever you said I am rabbit.
우리는 모두 토끼지만 서로 다릅니다.
당신은 저를 강아지나 사자, 원숭이로 착각할 수도 있지만
심지어 못생겼다거나 바보같다거나 못됐다고 할 수도 있지만
당신이 뭐라고 하든 저는, 토끼입니다.

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